Media Release | August 23, 2023

WorkCover premiums soaring under Andrews Labor Government

Life under Labor is getting increasingly tougher for Victorian families and businesses as WorkCover premiums continue to soar.

The significant spikes in WorkCover charges come at a time when Victorian businesses can least afford them, with the price of goods and services increasing, rents and mortgages soaring and workforce shortages biting.

Member for Lowan and Deputy Leader of the Nationals, Emma Kealy says local businesses have been dealt another cruel blow by Labor, with WorkCover bills showing staggering increases.

One Horsham business has reported a rise of almost 80 per cent on last year – almost double the mooted 43 per cent hike in WorkCover costs. Other businesses have reported a rise of $7000 year-on-year, with no additional WorkCover claims.

The questions surrounding the astonishing price hike have been put to the Minister for WorkSafe and the TAC, by Ms Kealy in Parliament recently.

“The Horsham Sports and Community Club were recently notified their WorkCover premium will increase from $19,000 to over $35,000 for the coming year.

“This represents an 80% increase in Work Cover premiums.

“Why has the government broken its promise to keep the cost of doing business in Victoria down?” asked Ms Kealy.

The Minister responded to Ms Kealy about the spiralling cost of WorkCover  “…the reality is that the WorkCover system is fundamentally broken” and he called it a “challenging time”.

As fees and charges continue to skyrocket across the state with no end in sight, hardworking Victorian businesses are feeling the pain financial pain

“It’s simply unfair that businesses who are doing the right thing and providing a safe and supportive workplace are being forced to pay for Labor’s mismanagement of Victoria’s WorkCover scheme”, Ms Kealy says. 

Victorians have had to fork out $1.3 billion in recent years for a WorkCover rescue package due to Labor again spending beyond its means, and WorkSafe executives have recently given themselves an additional $42,000 in their pay packets taking their annual salaries to $310,000 and beyond.

“For years Labor ignored the warning bells that WorkCover was heading towards collapse, and now they’re making Victorian businesses pay for Labor’s incompetence and financial mismanagement.

“Victoria is broke under Labor. Business bottom lines are being punished and jobs put at risk because of Labor’s record massive debt and culture of waste and corruption.

“I encourage all local businesses, clubs, and community groups to complete my quick survey - - and make their thoughts known about how this crisis is affecting their life and livelihood.” Ms Kealy said.





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